Nuture, Feed & Replenish with The Skin Feed Cosmetic


Theskinfeedcosmetic is a cultivated beauty brand that uses beauty products to nurture+feed+replensih the skin in its core creation of synergy. 

It was created on the 7 premises of beauty synergy which are; 

  • Beauty is the the preservation of one’s own health 
  • Beauty is the diversity of one own self  
  • Beauty is the regiment that one see in the mirror 
  • Beauty is the loving one’s innermost self 
  • Beauty is the architect for preservation 
  • Beauty is feeding one’s self with love  
  • Beauty is living in synergy with one’s own self 

TheSkinfeedcosmetic is a synergistic organic skincare brand created by Dion McGregor. It has the five major ingredients in each product manufactured to specification in British Columbia, Canada. Theskinfeedcosmetic’s  focuses on quality and has explored the consumers wants on desire for their skin and it complements the brand future synergistic value of science+clinical+organic to nurture+replenish+renew. The science is in the formulation of the structural+modular+synergy. Clinical is how therapeutic+gentle +clean the products is to feed the skin. Organic is the natural+cruelty free+pure ingredients that is used for the cosmetic synergy. 

Theskinfeedcosmetic helps customers understand that the brand was created to nurture, feed, and replenish the skin, as plant derived bioactives with minerals combine with a synergistic value in feeding on delivering the best organic ingredients to help seal + heal the skin core integrity to keep the skin radiant everyday of its lifetime. So we can also use these ingredients to replenish and feed the skin core integrity, so based on the regiment that speak through  synergy science+clinical+organic we offer our customers the syngistical active organic skincare brand theskinfeedcosmetic to help shields the skin from environmental aggressor so our largest living organ can embrace what Mother Nature has offer in synergy. 



Duchess Eyeshadow Palette features 15 decadent full pigmented colors 10 matte+5 Shimmers uniquely formulated for an easy blend and this palette has all the colors you need to create The sophistication of royalty that intensifies a Luxurious look for day+night.

Colours: Red-Anna , White-Alexandra, Ruby-Elena, Fuchsia-Charlotte, Auburn-Maria, Rouge-Tatiana, Caramel-Xenia, Coco –Olga, Nude –Sarah, Green-Madeline, Raspberry-Vera, Pink-Victoria, Violet –Natalia, Silver-Kira, Teal-Sophia 


The Powerhourse instant moisturiser+feed the skin core cellular barrier function. It has antioxidant defense, with all the clinical combination of feed ingredients, creamy mild+moisturizer. It is for all skin types! Nourish+Renew+Replenish!

INGREDIENTS: Aloe,glycerin,kale,green tea,1,2-Butanediol,Tocopherol,Panthenol,hyaluronic acid,grape seed oil,jojoba oil,spinach extract,pulsatilla,vitamin C,seaweed,nicotinamide,ferulic acid,phytic acid,mandelic acid,Azelic acid,Lactic acid.



A luxurious facial oil elixir that combines four of the best regenerative cytokinin oils BIRCH+ MORINGA+SQUALANE+LAVENDER. Naturally derived and formulated with sensorial richness to deliver cellular growth on protect from premature aging GROWTH+NOURISH+HYDRATE+ANTI-POLLUTION from environmental agressors. This facial oil exlixir revitalizes with the delicate scent of lavender. These are natural ingredients that are free of Sulphates, petroleum, allergens and dyes. 





Moisturizing Matte liquid LIPGLOSS gives a smooth matte finish, long-lasting wear for quick precise application. gives your lips intense lasting color without flakiness or dryness. 


THE SKIN LIPGLOSS – This is a moisturicing matte Lipgloss that bonds to the lips like skin and has a nude colour with high shine, giving fuller looking lips. It is non- sticky and the colour is as such that it matches with any outfit whether its day or night. Another amazing thing is that it lasts long and stays throughout the day. All these products are organic and cruelty free.   

TheSkinFeedCosmetic provides clean products for the skin and helps the skin with quality products. To check out all the products of TheSkinFeedCosmetic please visit their website.