Shafina Shah, Ms. Pakistan World 2023 – Embarks on International Pageants & Animal Movie Success  

Shafina Shah clinched the title of Ms. Pakistan World 2023 on May 31, 2023, at the Grand Palm Hotel in Lahore. The moment was surreal for her, and in addition to securing the crown, she is now gearing up to represent Pakistan at Miss Global 2023 on January 2, 2024, and Miss Universal 2023 in March 2024, both to be held in Vietnam and Cambodia. 

Before jetting off to these international pageants, Shafina added another feather to her cap with a role in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s latest cinematic venture, ‘Animal.’ The film has captivated audiences nationwide with its intense storyline and stellar performances. Despite facing controversies, one aspect that has grabbed the audience’s attention is the talented ensemble cast, including the relatively lesser-known star, Shafina Shah. 

In this cinematic extravaganza, Bobby Deol takes on the role of the antagonist, Abrar, boasting three wives, each contributing to the film’s complexity. Shafina Shah, a London-based Pakistani actress, portrays Abrar’s second wife. Despite her limited screen time, Shafina’s portrayal has received praise, especially for her compelling interactions with Bobby Deol and his other on-screen spouses. 

Shafina Shah’s roots in the entertainment world run deep, with both her parents being seasoned actors. Born in London to an Indian father and a Pakistani mother, Shafina is a proud second-generation performer. Reflecting on her heritage, she shared, “My mother, who is Pathan, was born in Kohat, Pakistan, and moved to the UK. My late father, from Bootwada, India, became a well-known British actor after moving to the UK. They met through the industry, both being actors themselves.” Her father Haji Ismail Raj Muhammad Patel, known by the screen name Raj Patel, and her mother, Atia Shah, were prominent figures in the entertainment industry, with Shafina following in their illustrious footsteps. 

Over the years, she has made her mark as an actress, model, and TV presenter, with notable appearances in the Pakistani film ‘Lahore to London’ and an advertisement alongside Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. 

This accomplishment further solidifies her multifaceted talent and rising prominence in the entertainment industry. 

When asked about her hectic schedule and life after winning Ms. Pakistan World and the release of her movie “Animal,” she stated, “I thank Allah for all the love and success that I have received. And I am so excited to go to the international pageants assigned to me. It will be an honor to represent Pakistan internationally and introduce Pakistan to Vietnam and Cambodia. The Bollywood movie, “Animal,” has been a great journey as I had auditioned for it in London, UK and got the part. I am glad for the amazing response and the success of the film.” 

Shafina Shah is also busy with her new charity venture, as she recently joined Pakistan’s Cleft Lip & Palette Association (PCLAPA) in September 2023. PCLAPA focuses on children with facial abnormalities and offers primary cleft surgery, speech and language therapy, audiology, dentistry, and orthodontics, as well as secondary surgery as required. It has taken the initiative to provide maxillofacial treatment to the patients and is operating from Gujrat, Pakistan. Shafina Shah is an ambassador of PCLAPA and recently visited the hospital in Gujrat, Pakistan. 

With her win as Ms. Pakistan World, along with representing Pakistan in Miss Global and Miss Universal, Shafina is basking in the appreciation of her box office successful film “Animal” and focusing on fundraising for PCLAPA. For now, she is occupied for the year and hopes to do more work in the future.