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The Freeze Clinic

Being a Skin 4 type, I never knew that there is something called “cold laser,” which can be very beneficial to your skin. Lasers usually means heat and heat means “hyperpigmentation” for darker skin types. Cold laser therapy on the other hand is the opposite of the regular laser.There is no redness, no skin damage for pigmented skin and no downtime! This is basically heaven for dark skin tones through cold laser facials!

The Freeze Facial is all the hype at the “The Freeze Clinic,” located on 808 Danforth Avenue, in Toronto, Ontario. This is a lovely cozy place in the heart of the city and as soon as you enter the place you will feel very comfy. The location is neat and clean.

The facial is a series of things together. Its like going in for 5-6 facials together. The Freeze Facial goes through a variety of steps.

First comes the diamond microdermabrasion and that helps in the removal of dead skin cells. The next step is the cold laser that is run twice on the face. The best part about this laser is the the oxygen facial which is the third step and is incorporated in the facial itself! This part of the facial is a cooling oxygen infusion of a high pressured rosewater mist which actually mentally takes you to another world. Personally, I fell in love with the rosewater mist and the high pressure of oxygen. The 4th step to this facial is the electrical micro-current portion of the treatment where you can actually feel your muscles move on your face. The electrical micro-current treatment helps with the tightening of the muscles. The 5th step is the collagen mask and I would still say that after the collagen mask is applied, there is a 6th and 7th step and that would be the Light Therapy. Depending on your skin type you are put under a LED panel and different light are used. For my skin, a lot of red was used as well as a bit of green and blue. 

As soon as I finished the facial, my dehydrated skin was drenched with oxygen and collagen as well as felt tight and firm. The glow was incredible and this is the facial you need to do before going to a party or even before a vacation.

So what does it do to darker skin, especially southasian skin tones:

  1. There is no downtime or pain due to the use of Cold Laser Therapy or Low Laser Therapy
  2. This facial helps the skin on a cellular level and helps in the skin’s healing process
  3. There is no risk of tissue damage or any other complications
  4. The Freeze Facial is a combination of facials which makes it rich and helps the skin
  5. There is an extremely obvious glow on the face after the facial
  6. You will see a big difference in the skin texture after the facial
  7. There is no hyperpigmentation or damage to the darker skin tones
  8. The facials are a combination of microdermabrasion, oxygen, ultrasound or micro-current, LED light therapy and a collagen mask – which cleanses, soothes, heals and tighens the skin.
  9. Finally, each treatment is customized to revitalize and cater to the needs of your skin concerns.
  10. Southasian skin tones will only benefit from the Cold Laser Therapy treatment.

You can check out the Facials and Other Treatments offered by The Freeze Clinic on their Website.

  • The Freeze Clinic
  • Address: 808 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4J 1L6
  • Phone: 647.700.5880