Tourist Attractions of Bangladesh

Written by Farhana Sadia Nity (Bangladesh contributor)

Compared to many countries Bangladesh is a tiny country. But this country holds intense beauty. Bangladesh was ruled thousands of years by many monarchs, the British and lastly Pakistan. Possibly  that’s why  you will find architectural beauty in every city of this country.   

JaflongJaflong is a celestial place nearby tea gardens and divine beauty of rolling stones from hills. Jaflong is around 60 km far from Sylhet town which is situated beside  Mari  river. In Jaflong people can enjoy greenish hilly areas, forests with lots of wild animals and lifestyles of different tribes.  


SrimongolEvery year Bangladesh produces and exports in high quality tea on a large scale and Srimongol is known as the tea capital in Bangladesh. In Srimongol there are lots of tea gardens including the largest one in the world. The scenario of watching tea gardens over the hills as long as eye sight supports is the best scene of this place.  

Ratargul Swamp Forest: Ratargul Swamp Forest is a heavy tourist attraction in Bangladesh which is composed of diverse kinds of water-plants. The area is known for its marvelous beauty of standing trees over the water especially during the rainy season, when the forest is submerged in 20-30 feet of water. This is the exclusivity of this forest.  

Bangladesh Zoo

Ahsan Manzil: The Indo-Saracenic Revival architectural beauty of Ahsan Manzil will cherish anyone’s soul! It was designated as a national museum by the government of Bangladesh. In the Mughal era, Sheikh Enayet Ullah (a landlord) built this as a garden house. In 1992 Ahsan Manzil was renovated by the  government of Bangladesh.  

Bangladesh National Zoo: This zoo contains many native and non-native animals with 230 acres of area. Along with the awesome collection of various animals people visit a museum which is located there. The museum provides informative displays relating to the animals & history of the zoo. 

Lalbagh Fort

Lalbagh Fort: Lalbagh Fort is located at the southwestern part of Dhaka. The Mughal Prince Muhammad Azam, son of Aurangzeb started building this fort. Diwan-I-Aam (a two storied building), water tank, tomb of Bibi Pari and Lalbagh Fort Mosque are the main attractions of this area!    

Panam Nagar: Panam Nagar is an ancient historical city as well as an attractive city  in Bangladesh which is situated at Sonargaon in Narayanganj district. Panam city was an important political and trading center during the Sultanate, Mughal, and colonial periods.  


Sonargaon Folk-Arts and Crafts Museum

Sonargaon Folk-Arts and Crafts Museum: Inside the premises of Sonargaon Folk-Arts and Crafts Museum there are two museums. Famous painter Joynul Abedin established the original museum in 1975. In this museum people can see many daily belongings and many other things related to the heritage of Bengal.  

Shalban Vihara: King Bhava Deva, the fourth ruler of the Early-Deva dynasty built Shalban Vihara around 1200 years ago, previously named Shalban Rajar Bari. Once upon a time this palace was Buddhist monastery where monks and Buddhist students lived,  studied and prayed.  

Nuhash Polli: One of the most renowned writer, novelist and filmmaker of Bangladesh Humayun Ahmed built Nuhash Polli which was his dream project. It is an awesome place for a day out. There are lots of trees and a large water body in this place. There is also a night stay facility here.  

Sajek Valley

Sajek Valley: Sajek Valley is well known for its remarkable natural  atmosphere which is located in Rangamati District. This valley is also known as the Queen of Hills & Roof of Rangamati which is surrounded by grassland hill tracks, dense forest and mountains. The view from this valley is unbelievable!   

Saint Martin’s Island: This beautiful island was named after the then Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong Mr. Martin during the British period. Local people call this island Narikel Jinjira (Coconut Island) & Daruchini Dwip (Cinnamon Island). Usually November to February is the best weather to visit this island.    

Kaptai Lake

Kaptai Lake: Kaptai Lake is one of the best natural attractions in Bangladesh. It is also the largest freshwater lake in Bangladesh which works on hydroelectric power generation project at Kaptai town in the Chittagong hill tracts. Though it was made for the generation of hydroelectricity  it is also an important resource for some other considerations like fishes, navigation, flood control and agriculture, etc. 

Sonakanda Fort: This Mughal river-fort is situated on the eastern bank of the Shitalakshya River which is now under the protection of the Department of Archaeology and Museums. This fort guarded the water routes for the Mughals. Sonakanda Fort has been repaired many times. 

Mohera Zamindar Bari

Mohera Zamindar Bari: Kali Charan Saha built this Zamindari (landlord) residence at Mirzapur in Tangail District during the 19th-century. This house was used as Mukti Camp (freedom fighter camp) at the time of liberation war in 1971. From 1990 it has been used as a police training center. Overall, Mohera Zaminder Bari is quite impressive with different lodges, trees and gardens.  

Chittagong War Cemetery: Chittagong War Cemetery is located at Dampara in Chittagong. The British Army created this cemetery to honor Commonwealth soldiers and others who died in World War II. Initially there were around 400 burials. Now there are a total 731 Commonwealth burials. Most of them have been transferred here from different   cemeteries.  

Bangladesh Agricultural University

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach: Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is considered to be the longest unbroken sandy beach in the world. Visitors can enjoy scuba diving, surfing, boat rides or just can enjoy the view. There are some local markets near the beach containing ornaments and other accessories made from various kinds of  oysters.  

Bangladesh Agricultural University: Bangladesh Agricultural University is one of the most famous agricultural  universities in South Asia and the highest budgeted public university in Bangladesh. This university is situated in Mymensingh city with an area of 1260 acres.