Uroosa Raza – Mrs. Pakistan Universal 2022

Uroosa Raza – Mrs. Pakistan Universal 2022

Congratulations on getting the title of Mrs. Pakistan Universal 2022. With this title what do you think you would want to achieve? 

Firstly, I am honored that I have been chosen as Mrs. Pakistan Universal 2022. With my title I want to focus on international pageants and charitable work in Pakistan.  

Tell us a bit about yourself!  

My name is Uroosa Raza I am a Canadian-Pakistani girl. I was born In Karachi Pakistan, but moved to Canada when I was a very little girl. I have been raised my entire life in Canada. All my schooling has been done in Canada. I do not know how to read Urdu due to this reason. But I speak Urdu thanks to my parents who believed in always educating me as much as possible about our Pakistani Culture and heritage. I am married and I have two children. I currently live in the Greater Toronto Area. In 2018 I participated in my first Canadian pageant and won the title. I am an undergraduate and major is Law. Before marriage and having children. I had many jobs in a variety of fields because my goal was to hold lots work of experience. I have worked as a manager in many restaurants.

Uroosa Raza – Mrs. Pakistan Universal 2022

I have worked as a manager in Canada’s leading phone company. I have won awards of Excellence and titles like Employee of the year working for one of the world’s biggest Skincare lines. I believe in always being yourself and having fun and working hard. Along with being a mom and a wife. I kept true to myself and kept active with hobbies. I love to travel and have travelled to many places and seen many countries. People that know me describe me as the life of the party. Because I love to make people laugh as comedy is one of my hobbies. In 2020 during the Lockdown, I made some of my first comedy TikTok’s of the Innocent Silliness between brown moms and brown kids. And overnight it became viral. The feeling I could put a smile on people’s faces really bought joy to my heart. I follow my heart and believe in positivity and being myself. Other hobbies I have are playing with Makeup. I also love to cook, dance and workout.

Uroosa Raza – Mrs. Pakistan Universal 2022

As Mrs. Pakistan, there is a big responsibility of representing Pakistan in international competitions. How are you going to prepare for it? 

I am going to Prepare for the international pageants by staying very organized and using my time management skills. I am going to use all the support I get from the Mrs. Pakistan Organization because I strongly believe in team work. I am blessed I have the family support I need to focus on the International Pageants. I will prepare myself every day for the international pageants to represent Pakistan Proudly.

Are you passionate about any charitable projects? Or are you involved in any charity? 

I have been Involved in many Charity Projects in the past. I have done lots of Volunteer Work in my local community over the years. I have donated blood multiple times in school to help people in need. I am very passionate about doing charitable projects. Throughout the year nonstop I am doing donations to multiple charities locally and in Pakistan. I donate whenever I can from clothing to money and food. I believe the more donations you do the better. Every week I donate food items to the local Muslim Food Bank in my area. I believe even the smallest donations can make a big difference when it comes to helping for a good cause.  

Uroosa Raza – Mrs. Pakistan Universal 2022

What has triggered your aspiration to participate in Mrs. Pakistan and who had been your biggest inspiration in this journey? 

I have always believed in the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I have always had big dreams. I have always had aspirations to do something with my life that will bring a good change in the world and to help as many people in the World as possible especially Orphans and people who are suffering with problems related to poverty. I get my inspiration from Mother Teresa. I have always have been Inspired. Mrs. Pakistan 2022 is not just a pageant for me or a title. It’s the one thing I was missing all my life to feel heard by everyone. It’s an honorable opportunity to make Pakistan Proud all over the world.  

What is your professional background and how will you find time for your pageant activities? 

My Professional background is that I am a Law student. And a skin expert. I also do a lot of other things such as educating teens to perform CPR in emergency cases. I can professionally dance and have done many weddings dance choreographies. I have volunteered to be an assistant in multiple female self-defense classes. Professionally I have managed multiple restaurants and businesses as a manager.  

I believe in learning and growing for this reason I am always putting myself in new situations so I can challenge myself and become the best version of myself. Currently I’m not doing anything professionally. As I recently delivered my second child in 2020 and took time off. I’m blessed to have family support to help me manage my personal life. I plan to stay organized and work very hard and use my time management skills to manage all of my pageant activities to the very best of my abilities. 

What advice do you have for other married women like yourself to participate in these contests? 

The biggest advice I have for other women is simply understand you only get one life. And once time passes it passes forever. It really is now or never. To say to yourself “Yes maybe one day” or “No not for me I’m married now with kids” or “I do not have the time”.  Is the wrong way of looking at things. If you want to do something in your life, go for it. Don’t tell yourself excuses.  Because realistically excuses are to excuse yourself from something. So don’t excuse yourself. We as women make so many commitments in our life. We forget the biggest commitment to ourselves that we will stay happy. And true happiness is when you do the things you love and feel you lived your life right without given yourself and the things you love excuses. Yes, as humans we fail and yes as humans, we have good and bad days. But if we don’t try, we will never know the results. Because not trying is the same as quitting. Do your best and just simply live your life. From Pageants to painting just do what makes you happy. Marriage is a part of life, not the end of goals and dreams. It’s just a new beginning. Many married women don’t speak up for what they want I hope I can be an inspiration to women. That if I can do it you can do it to.