Yellow Beauty – Turmeric Based Skincare

Yellow Beauty is a skincare collection based on a radical idea – that your beauty goals are yours to define. Yellow Beauty contributes to being kind to your skin and kind to the planet. That’s why they formulated all of the products with powerful, natural ingredients that have been used for centuries. Yellow Beauty works on the wisdom that these tried and tested century-old-ingredients still work for the skin.  

Partners-in-life Jaz and Jamil conceptualized Yellow Beauty based on the rich history of turmeric-based skincare through their family in Bangladesh. They decided to put what they learned into practice. Together, they made something worth sharing. Here are some of the amazing products of Yellow Beauty!  

Red Erase Facial Scrub 


The secret to shrinking breakouts and calming redness isn’t more harsh chemicals, it’s less. That’s why the RED ERASE facial scrub features turmeric — the perfect, powerful, natural ingredient. When combined with skin superfoods like chickpea flour and coconut oil, the result is a gentle exfoliant that fades breakouts and redness in as little as one use. 

Start fresh-faced. Mix 2 tsp. of powder with 1 tsp. of water. Apply to target areas and scrub gently. Rinse well with warm water. Repeat up to 3 times a week. 

It’s Southasian Reviews: This is a really great scrub for any kind of skin. It’s gentle yet gives that strong feeling of an exfoliant. After using the Red Erase Facial Scrub, it leaves you with a clean glow! 

Stay Gold Facial Elixir 


STAY GOLD combines the most nutrient-rich oils on the planet — frankincense, lavender, and pomegranate — with turmeric, a centuries-long staple of South East Asian culture. The result is a hydrating face oil that protects, revitalizes, and nourishes so that you the skin maintains a clean glow. 

Gently press a few drops onto your skin. Let sit for a minute or two and follow with moisturizer. Use morning and night. 

It’s Southasian Reviews: This product is very light and gets absorbed in the skin quickly. There is no oily feeling but the skin feels soft and supple and well hydrated.