Myths Pakistanis Blindly Believe In

Written by Faiza Rizvi

When I was a kid, I didn’t question much whenever my adults told me something. I thought they must be right, given that they are much older and experienced than me. Oh, how I was wrong! With time, I figured out the truth and laughed at myself for being so stupid. If you are a desi, you will relate to the nine common myths I am going to discuss below.  

Are you ready for some reality checks? Let’s get started! 

9 Myths You Should Stop Believing in!

A few myths may sound promising (for no reason), but they are equally absurd and illogical. And since they are implanted in our minds from childhood, it’s quite unusual for us to stop believing in them.  

However, let’s give it a try and bust a few hilarious myths in the following points. 

Drinking tea makes your complexion darker 

Truth: Drinking tea or coffee doesn’t have any effect on your skin tone. However, your complexion will get dull due to dehydration. There is nothing wrong with drinking tea as long as you are keeping yourself hydrated. Also, to point out an important factor is that there is nothing wrong with having a darker complexion; it’s just our society’s obsession with fair skin. No matter what your skin tone is, you can have fun drinking your favorite tea. Just know your limit and keep your body hydrated. Better be tea than alchohol. 

Do not play with scissors, or your parents will end up fighting 

Truth: Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that the above myth holds zero truth. A small scissor won’t harm your parent’s relationship, but as a kid, I took this myth very seriously. I even remember once, I deliberately played with scissors just to see if my parents will fight. And no, they didn’t (thankfully). Not because of that, anyway. I think adults used this myth to warn kids and keep them safe from harming themselves. I don’t doubt their intentions, but seriously, this myth makes no sense at all. It’s funny I believed in it once. 

If a person climbs over you in your sleep, your height won’t increase  

Truth: Well, your height genes don’t care who is climbing over you. It depends on your nutrients intake, exercise, and lifestyle, in general. But mostly, it depends on your genes, and you have no control over them in this regard. 

Also, having a short height is as cool as having a tall height. You just have to change your perspective and accept the way you are.  

Your Mehndi (Henna) stain is not dark enough on your hands? Oh no! Your husband won’t love you! 

Truth:  In case you are confused, let me tell you the history behind it- It’s a common tradition to put henna on the hands and feet of a bride-to-be. Now, every girl wants a darker shade as it looks more elegant with the bridal dress. 

However, it depends on the quality of henna and how long you have put it on. Most of the girls prefer to keep it overnight and wash the next morning. They also use oil, sugar, and glycerin mixture to darken the stain. Now coming to the myth, I am pretty sure love doesn’t give a damn to materialistic stuff.  

Don’t forget that Mehndi fades away later and is not accountable for your husband’s love and affection.  

Drinking Coconut water during pregnancy can make your baby fair 

Truth: It’s kind of sad to see the level of racism for an unborn child. Coconut water is indeed beneficial for pregnant ladies and babies as it’s full of calcium. But to say it’s a deciding factor for your baby’s complexion is downright racist and illogical. No matter what you drink or eat, nothing can change your baby’s skin tone because we can’t fool our genes, duh.   

If a black cat crosses your path, you are doomed 

Truth: You are only doomed if you still believe in this baseless myth. The poor car is responsible for the unfortunate events happening in your life just because it’s black? A big no! Let’s not play a blame game and take responsibility for our actions. The next time you see a cat (black or brown, whatsoever), don’t change your path and keep on walking! 

Don’t take a shower when you have periods; otherwise, you will never have kids  

Truth: Come on, let’s ignore what the typical aunties say and listen to doctors for once. You can’t ignore your hygiene while you are bleeding down your v-jay. In fact, a warm bath will make you feel better and help with cramps as well. 


Drinking milk after eating fish causes Vitiligo 

Truth: Scientifically speaking, that’s not the case. Vitiligo is a skin disease caused by a fungal infection or when there are no pigmentation-forming skin cells left in your body. It has nothing to do with drinking milk after eating a fish. Have some faith in science, and stop believing in this grandma myth! 

You can’t stop your hiccups, right? Well, someone is missing you out there! 

Truth: Here is some background information- When I couldn’t stop my hiccups; I used to take the names of everyone I know (literally). The point was that I didn’t have any idea who would be missing me at 2 AM, and I was under the impression that if I got the right name, my hiccups would finally stop. I may sound insane, but a lot of people still believe in this theory. For the record, you usually get hiccups if you eat or drink a lot in a hurry. There are other factors as well, but no, it’s not a sign to show that someone is missing you.  

Let’s Recap!

I will wrap up the article now. Although I have only shared nine common myths, you will encounter many other myths not only in Pakistan but around the world. The best thing to do is follow what makes sense instead of going with the flow. Also keep in mind, that one must think logically and practically about the myths and remember science has proven almost all myths wrong. Share these myths with your friend and have a good laugh.