10 memorable things to do in Seoul Korea

Written by Felix Rono 

Seoul is a lively city with a population of 9.7 million; it is the capital city of South Korea. The city presents contemporary life as well as some of the deep cultural aspects of the Korean culture. While in the city, you can experience some of the high-tech subways, street markets, palaces, and Buddhist temples. In Seoul, you can visit numerous places and enjoy quality time. This article offers you 10 most outstanding things to do on your visit to Seoul.  


  1. Explore the N Seoul Tower 

The observatory tower is located at the peak of Mount Namsam which stands at a towering height of 237 meters. The N Seoul Tower is a perfect place for a honeymoon or family visit. It offers you a panoramic view of the capital city. From the top, you can also view the Hangang River. Climbing the top of the mountain is a good way for keeping fit. However, if you fear the steep mountain you can make use of the cable car shuttle to the top. 

2. Visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace           

The palace is one of the most amazing architectural designs in South Korea. You need to visit the ancient palace of the Joseon dynasty. The Gyeongbokgung which is also known as Nothern palace is located near the HyangwonjiLake which gives it beautiful scenery. Once in the palace, you will witness the guard changing ceremony. It takes place once every hour between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. If you love it, you can put on the ceremony garment. It is absolutely free to try the garment. 

3. Experience Namdaemum Market  

You cannot afford to miss visiting the Namdaemun traditional market. It offers you a sneak peek into Korea’s cultural life. The market offers a wide variety of goods and services. It has over 10,000 stores dealing with different products. In the complex, you can purchase some of the best Korean herbal medicine. You can also have a try at different Korea cuisine. Additionally, you can purchase a souvenir to rekindle sweet memories of your visit.  

4. Culinary Experience at Maple 

Maple provides one of the most amazing culinary experiences. A visit to Seoul can never be complete without a taste of its cuisine. Maple offers you a wonderful experience of Korean food. You can try the BBQ food or even have a bite of its tasty meat in a cool and friendly environment. You can as well have a taste of traditional Korean tea. It is delicious and leaves a memorable taste in your mouth. 

5. Shopping Experience at the Myeongdong 

Myeondong is a must-visit shopping center in Seoul. The complex has some of the leading Korean brands such as Tony Moly and Innisfree. The shopping center offers unique experiences to lovers of cosmetics. You should take advantage of numerous offers in some retail outlets. Also, don’t be afraid to receive free samples from generous Korean businesses. While in the complex, you may pop into a popular cat café. The café offers you experiences of playing with the furs of gentle and friendly cats. You can also capture memorable moments using your phone while in the shopping complex. 


6. Visit to the Underground Malls  

You can witness one of the most awesome shopping encounters in underground shopping malls with Seoul. The shopping malls offer some of the best deals in terms of quality and pricing. Some of the famous malls to explore include Gangnam and Express Terminal Underground Shopping Centres. You can virtually access a wide range of fashions, phones, and other consumer goods in the shopping centers.  

7. Recreation at Lotte World 

Recreation at Lotte World is worth experiencing.  Lotte is the world’s biggest indoor amusement park. It is a paradise for couples seeking an amazing and memorable experience. Families can also have an outing with lots of fun activities. It is in a strategic location, surrounded by a shopping complex and hotels. At the recreation facility, you can have a bite of crunchy snacks such as Lotte biscuit sticks and MarketO brownies.  

8. Everland Roller Coaster Ride 

If you love fun, then you cannot miss the Everland roller coaster. It is the only safari experience in South Korea. You need to visit the facility otherwise you will not get an opportunity due to its daily numerous visits. It is the largest and busiest outdoor theme adventure park in South Korea. The park has lots of numerous attractions to explore. You should explore the steep wooden roller coaster ride in the facility. 

9. Cultural exploration at the Seoul Alive Illusion Museum 

The Alive Illusion museum is located in the heart of Seoul. It makes it highly accessible hence easy to visit. The museum has hundreds of attractive exhibits worth exploring. From the exhibits, you can learn a lot about Korean culture. The museum also provides good lessons in digital technology. It utilizes 4D digital technology through which you can create personalized artworks. You should capture some beautiful moments of your time while at the museum.  

10. Taking a walk at the Cheonggyecheon Stream 

The stream cuts through the city of Seoul. It is one of the famous spots for locals due to its strategic location. This is one of the memorable places to explore during the summer season. During the season you will find many people sitting under the river bridge. You can mingle with the natives as they cool their feet in the heat of the summer. The water is sparkling clean and shallow. You can take a walk down the stream on your foot. While at it, you can visit numerous attractions within the banks and have a look at its beautiful flora and fauna. 

To enjoy time in Seoul, you should consider visiting the 10 memorable sites above. For exploration, you should visit the N Seoul Tower and the Cheongyecheon stream. To connect with the cultural aspects of South Korea, you should visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Seoul Alive Illusion Museum. You can have the best culinary experience at maple. For your shopping needs in Seoul, you should explore the Myeongdong center, Underground malls, and the Namdaemum market. For memorable recreational experience, you should explore Lotte World and Everland Roller Coaster.