5 Places to Visit in Karachi

Written by Sundus Muhammad 

Karachi, the City of Lights, was once a mere settlement of 20-25 huts, that has now grown into a megalopolis, becoming Pakistan’s largest city, in a matter of a couple of hundred years. It has become the backbone of the country, sustaining it with its evolving trade. Now that the city is completely established, it has many tourist attractions. Some are historic and some are the examples of modern architecture. The old part of the city flaunts buildings from the pre-independence era, that have their own charisma. Post-independence buildings, shopping malls, plazas, and workplaces are all built based on modern architecture. It is also home to two of the largest seaports of Pakistan. People from all ethnicities inhabit Karachi. There are several languages of Pakistan that are spoken in the city. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Mini Pakistan’. Below we have 5 places that make up the best of Karachi’s attractions. 

Clifton Beach (Sea View) 

The main attraction of coastal areas are usually the beautiful beaches they possess. Similarly, Karachi’s beaches are its peculiarity. Karachi’s Clifton Beach, commonly known as Sea View is one of a kind. It is a part of the Arabian Sea and stretches from Sindh to Baluchistan. It actively represents the culture of Pakistan. There are camels and horses meant for rides, on the seashore, that are decorated with traditional colours, art, and motifs. There are also dirt-bikes and other rides for children. There is a variety of vendors selling toys and edibles like corns, biscuits, tea, and sweets. There are also restaurants and shops by the sea side. It is accessible to the public 24/7. The long-lasting summers of Karachi are also a reason that drives the crowd towards the waterfront. Occasionally air shows are also held here, that are organized by the Pakistan Air Force. Events on New Year Eves are also held which are major tourist appeals.  

Frere Hall 

Frere Hall is a building in the Saddar Town, a town that had been centre of administration in the British colonial-era and is now famous for its picturesque buildings, that depict the era and architecture of the 19th CE. The hall itself was constructed in 1865, initially built to serve as Karachi’s town hall. However, it is now an exhibition space and library called Liaquat National Library, which contains more than 70,000 books and some rare manuscripts. It is surrounded by gardens, known as “Bagh-e-Jinnah” or “Jinnah Gardens”, where various events take place, the most famous one being a food festival. The exterior and interior of the hall are both remarkable. The exterior is majorly made up of yellow toned limestone. Carvings and mosaic designs are visible on the walls. Interiorly the ceilings are decorated with mural paintings that were painted by the world-famous Pakistani artist Sadequain. 

Do Darya 

Do Darya might be the most exotic place to dine out in Karachi. It is a captivating food street built right along the sea shore. There are lavish restaurants that partly stand on the sea. The view of the roaring sea from these restaurants is breath-taking. The open sky, along with the calming cool winds, soothing chirps of the birds and close-to-the-nature backdrop is all what Karachiites want with respect to the city’s climate and chaos. The place is built a few kilometres away from the urban area. A quiet long drive to such an enchanting place makes it worth visiting. The place is usually crowded with long line ups in the waiting area. The restaurants are impeccably made with intricate lounges. They offer variety of cuisines from desi (Pakistani) to Chinese, Italian, Continental, etc. Barbecue is a common food type among the restaurants. Both the day time and night time display wonderful ambiances.All in all, it is a heaven for food lovers, having delectable taste and spectacular location. 

 Air Force Museum 

PAF (Pakistan Air Force) museum is a museum with a park exhibiting the remnants of the Pakistan Air Force. The museum was built in 1990 and has been expanded many times since then. The expansions include the park, play area and cafeterias. There are many aircrafts, radar and weapons that are displayed outside the museum in the park. Many of the remains carry with them narratives of brave pilots and soldiers of the Air Force. Whereas the museum exhibits all the significant aircrafts that have been used by the Pakistan Air Force. An aircraft which was used by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, is also on display. The museum also houses aircrafts from various wars. The museum is educational as well as recreational. Many field trips in the city are held here. Schools and institutes bring their students here to invoke patriotism and enlighten them with the rich and accomplished history of Pakistan Air Force.  

Port Grand 

Port Grand is a recreational venue. It is constructed along the port side bridge the ‘Native Jetty Bridge’ and was inaugurated in the year 2011. It is a complex offering different places for shopping, dining, playing, and other leisure activities, all with the beautiful view of the Karachi port. 

An extensive food street is built inside with plenty of restaurants on one side and the port view on the other, satisfying every sort of taste buds and mesmerizing every sight. There are parks, stalls, karaoke stage, vendors, and event halls.  It is a favourite venue for every other celebration in the city. Sometimes, screens are installed for the public to gather and watch interesting cricket matches, musical concerts are held every now and then, New Year Eve’s celebrations are organised, and festivals are celebrated here with vibrancy. These frequent celebrations and events make it a place to visit, be it any time of the year. 

Karachi is ranked among the global cities of the world and is a part of the global economic network. Usual days are quite busy here but the people of Karachi are ever hospitable and friendly, always welcoming their guests warmly.