Top 6 Delicious Street Foods of Peshawar

Written by Asad Ali


Peshawar is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, one of the provinces of Pakistan. It has consistently been an attraction for visitors in view of its extraordinary culture and entrancing eateries. This city is connected with Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad by Motorway M-1 and by means of a national roadway N-5.  Ghanta Ghar is the road where all the restaurants are located in Peshawar. It is one of the most notable spots for most family social gatherings. You can undoubtedly have an assortment of dishes in this area including fries, burgers, fish, shakes, karahi, lassi, sweets and many others.  

Medina colony is likewise another area to eat and taste local Peshawari food favourites. This area is well known because of its different mouth-watering food menu including chicken tikka, karahi, seekh kabab, and various local dishes.  

Let us discuss a different side of Peshawar where street food meets the way of life for some. The following is a rundown of the top street foods you would discover when you visit the streets of Peshawar 

Chapli Kabab 

There is a special variety of kabab found in Peshawar known as Chapli kabab which is made up of mutton or beef. It is also as famous as Peshawari kebab since this dish started from this very city. These kebabs are delicious and spicy. The ingredients that are utilized to make these kebabs are flour, garam masala, eggs, ginger, cumin seeds, coriander powder, red chillies, coriander leaves, tomatoes, onions, lemon juice, paprika, salt, and oil. This is a usual dish that any guests in Peshawar are served with it because of its ease of preparation and the fact that it’s very delicious.   

Meethi Haleem  

Meethi Haleem” or “Bukhara Haleem,” is a local dish of Peshawar. It is taken for breakfast and is produced using wheat, rice, meat and seven pulses. Later sugar is added with hot, boiled eggs or fried eggs. Another form is to include cinnamon, sugar and cream with a garnishing of hot oil, nuts and dried organic fruits. Again something to enjoy with a hot cup of tea or Peshawari Kahwa.  


Kabuli Pulao 

Another delicious meal on our list is the “Kabuli Pulao” of Peshawar which is actually a rice dish. The key ingredient of this dish is basmati rice and the other key ingredients that are used to cook this dish include a stew of lamb or beef, onion, garlic, cumin seeds, cinnamon, cloves, water, salt, some vegetables, salt, almonds, and oil. The Kabuli Pulao contains meat, nuts, spices and different dry fruits that enhances the taste of the rice.  



Peshawari Kahwa 

Pakistanis begin the day with a hot cup of tea and this is a normal daily routine. For this purpose, I think there is hardly anything better than the “Peshawari Kahwa.” Its pleasant aroma early in the morning makes its taste even more delicious. It is a fascinating mixture of green tea leaves, nuts and saffron, which is generally consumed by peoples living in Peshawar. It is a great drink to taste on cool winter days but it can be consumed throughout the year and in all weathers. 

Namak Mandi Karahi 

Another mouth-watering dish of Peshawar is the “Namak Mandi Karahi” that is a delicious dish with lamb as the key ingredient. Its aroma is enough to increase your appetiteThe special ingredient for this dish includes the fat of lamb along with the garnishing of butter. It is an easily available street food of Peshawar with healthy ingredients of lamb meat, lamb fat, green chilies, butter, tomatoes, and salt. It is usually served with either Afghani roti or tandoori naan.  


Choori, is a sweet dish of Peshawar which is made up of coarsely ground corn flour bread blended in with fennel seeds, cardamom, coconut, and peanuts. It is a centuries-old delicacy of Peshawar and is still a favourite amongst the city occupants. Choori is served during a special month: the Islamic month of “Safar.” During this time, the older women of the community plan to make choori which is then distributed amongst the poor, neighbours and family members too. Usually Choori comes once in a year during the Islamic month and then vanishes away for the rest of the year.  

Peshawari Falooda 

This is a sweet drink and you must try it whenever you go to Peshawar. The city of Peshawar has a large number of falooda stalls” that attract people. These faloodas are known to be much tastier than any modern ice cream brand. Even though faloodas are available all over the country but the method of making it is different in different cities of Pakistan. The main ingredient of Falooda is the sheep milk but sometimes it has been replaced by buffalo milk which changes the taste and creates a variety. In addition to the sheep milk, kulfi (Pakistani ice-cream made of dried milk) is added as well as Rabri (thickened sweetened milk with cream), and finally garnished with pistachios and almonds which makes the best drink ever on a summer day.  

There are a lot of delicious dishes in Peshawar which are very difficult to describe but it is important to try these foods whenever you go to Peshawar.