Managing Calorie Intake at Holiday Parties

The holidays are all about parties. With parties of course, comes food – and lots of it. It doesn’t take long for those calories to add up – and the pounds add up too.

Here are some tips to manage your food intake at parties and events:

  1. Eat a healthy meal before you leave.

Having a quick, nutritious meal right before you leave like veggies or a protein shake (I drink Shakeology and it’s both!). It will keep you full so the desire to eat will be less intense. I drink mine in the car on my way to the party!

  1. Use a smaller plate or a napkin as your food holder.

The smaller your food holder, the less you can put on it and the less you will eat. Have no more than one layer on your plate – don’t pile it up! Want seconds? Go back with the napkin or small plate again and put even less on it than last time.

  1. Drink water

Drinking water in between servings of food will keep you full and there will be no space left for more food.

  1. Prioritize your choices

Calories are precious so why not save them for special things vs. everything and anything. Save the calories for special dishes, fancy cheese, delicacies and don’t waste on things like chips, pretzels, etc. Same goes for sweets – indulge in the homemade pie, fancy pastry instead of the jelly beans. Make the calories worth it!

  1. Choose drinks wisely

Some drinks are full of syrups, sweet liqueurs, pop and juice. Stick to drinks you can have with water, soda, ice, or neat. Have wine and skip the ice wine and port which are highly concentrated in sugar.


Mona Chona is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

Mona Chona is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition


Mona Chona is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and specializes in fitness programs designed for real life. Feel free to inquire.

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