Mr. Pakistan World Kevaan Hasnain gets busy in charity work

Kevaan Hasnain – Mr. Pakistan World 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has been keeping the world in fear and turmoil and the economies of the world have taken the burden of the virus. The hardest hit in each and every country are the poor or lower middle class. 

In Pakistan, the poor are always daily wage earners which means that when they earn for the day, then they can eat. And due to the lock down the daily wage earners are facing a terrible time. The total number of Covid – 19 cases are 2818 and the total death toll is 41. With mosques still being opened for the public, Pakistan may yet be faced with larger numbers of infected people.  

Kevaan Hasnain – Mr. Pakistan World 2020

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Pakistan World 2020, Kevaan Hasnain has been busy getting food drives organized as well as has successfully completed giving needy families the much-needed help. Hasnain has been busy for the last few weeks in Lahore, Pakistan and is urging all overseas Pakistanis to send as much help as possible to Pakistan.  

In an interview with a local news channel in Lahore, Kevaan said, “I really urge the overseas Pakistanis to do as much as possible for their families and if possible, the existing charities in Pakistan. People are going to be hit hard and in times like these we have to think about the plight of the people back home (Pakistan). From food, to daily essentials as well as clothes, any help would go a long way for the lower middle class as well as the poor.” 

Kevaan Hasnain – Mr. Pakistan World 2020

Sonia Ahmed, President of Mr. Pakistan World said, “We were planning on doing a lot of charities this year, but Kevaan’s year has started with charities as the pandemic took place right after he was awarded the title. I am very happy that in this time, he has been able to do so much.”

Kevaan is busy planning more charity drives to give as much as possible during the pandemic in Pakistan. He was awarded Mr. Pakistan World in March 2020 and was planning to represent Pakistan in international contests when the pandemic hit the world. His international contests got cancelled and he was in Lahore, Pakistan at that time. To make the best of the situation, Kevaan did his part in organizing food drives for the needy in Pakistan.