Deewangi – Pakistani Drama that will keep you on the edge! 

Written by Nazuk Chaudhry 

Deewangi Pakistani Drama

Deewangi is a currently run Pakistani drama serial written by Sadia Akhtar and directed by Zeeshan Ahmed and produced by 7th Sky Entertainment. 

The story begins with the character Nageen (Hiba Bukhari) who is living with her mean brother-in-law and her brother in law is always on a mission to get her married to a hooligan friend of his in exchange for money. Nageen Faiyaz is a strong girl who works as a bus hostess to earn money and not be dependant on her brother-in-law.  

Deewangi Pakistani Drama

She meets Mansoor Durrani (Danish Taimoor) who is an arrogant rich man and falls for her when he had to take the bus as his car broke down. It was love at first sight for him and he tries his best to get her attention until she slaps him. This was caught on camera and the media took advantage of this and hence the news spread like wildfire in Karachi. Nageen feels really bad and meets him to apologize and starts liking him too.  

Mansoor then proposes to her and Nageen introduces him to her family. On the day of the wedding Nageen gets kidnapped and her reputation is tarnished when she is dropped off after two days. The news of her being taken on the night of the wedding does not go well with Mansoor and he then wants nothing to do with her. The story takes a twist when Mansoor stops answering Nageen’s phone calls and Nageen barges into his office. At that time, Mansoor starts laughing at her and tells her how he has plotted the whole kidnap and framed her to ruin her life by tarnishing her reputation. Filled with rage, Nageen wants to avenge this but her sister convinces her to run away to Lahore, before her husband gets Nageen married off. Life changes and the twist and turns with Nageen keeps the viewers on edge. The drama is running since 18th December, 2019 and is aired on on Geo TV. 

Deewangi Pakistani Drama

The complete cast of the drama are as follows:  

  • Danish Taimoor 
  • Hiba Bukhari 
  • Ali Abbas 
  • Zoya Nasir 
  • Parveen Akbar 
  • Humera Bano 
  • Mehmood Aslam 
  • Nida Mumtaz 
  • Ismat Zaidi 
  • Noor Ul Hasan 
  • Aiza Awan