Oneroot Honey – Purest Source of Honey

Oneroot Honey is bottled from only the purest of sources in the vast Canadian wilderness. The strict quality control guarantees that the jar of honey is as straight from the beehive as it can get.


Oneroot honey is always: 

– Antibiotic-free – They are the only North American brand that bottles only 100% natural, antibiotics and chemical free honey. Their bees are healthy without the use of any chemicals. One of their main goals is to support a healthy bee population.
– Unheated / Unpasteurized – meaning it retains all of honey’s enzymes, anti-bacterial / anti-inflammatory properties, and all its health benefits.
– From Sustainable Sources – Oneroot beekeepers practice ethical, natural, and organic beekeeping methods that support a healthy bee population and the environment.
– Directly from the source – Oneroot honey is never mixed with other honey. You always know exactly what kind of honey you are getting from Oneroot.
– Bottled in CFIA inspected and approved facilities to ensure safety. 

ORGANIC CEYLON CINNAMON HONEY – Oneroot Organic Cinnamon Honey is made by infusing our organic raw wildflower honey of Northern Canada with Ceylon cinnamon, also known as true cinnamon. This combination creates a great tasting spread that can be served on toast or as tea. 

Ceylon cinnamon has a sweeter and less spicy flavour than the more common variety, cassia cinnamon, also known as Chinese cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is not only the original cinnamon, but the healthier variety. Raw honey and Ceylon cinnamon are both rich in antioxidants. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: This is a thick spread of honey mixed with a strong cinnamon flavour. If you are a fan of cinnamon, then this is the best mix of thick honey with a sweet yet strong hint of cinnamon. This is best eaten as a spread on toast, or croissants or even on cinnamon buns. It can also be eaten on its own or used as a topping on any of your deserts as well. We enjoyed this Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Honey with fresh, warm croissants and that combination was amazing.  

ORGANIC GINSENG HONEY – Oneroot Organic Ginseng Honey is made with organic Canadian ginseng and organic wildflower honey from Northern Canada. 

You can enjoy the rich calming taste of ginseng and honey as a spread on toast or as tea. The strong flavour of ginseng is well balanced with the sweetness of honey. 

Ginseng has been used as traditional medicine for thousands of years. In today’s world, organic ginseng is extremely rare due to pollution. The certified organic ginseng is truly one of a kind. This mixture of two high quality ingredients will provide the best health benefits for all users, including energy boost and strengthening your immune system. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: There is a very therapeutic taste to the Organic Ginseng Honey as it has a very strong Ginseng flavour. It is sweet but tastes very different from the regular flavours of honey that we are used to. Again, this can be eaten raw or could be mixed in teas to give it a very Ginseng flavour. We mixed a teaspoon of the Ginseng Honey in Green Tea and it was very enjoyable. You can do that with any of the honeys with a variety of flavours.   

ORGANIC CACAO INFUSED HONEY- This new Cacao Infused Honey is made by mixing organic cacao powder with organic raw wildflower honey, and then sprinkling organic cacao nibs on top. The result is a rich dark and deep chocolate flavoured honey. 

Spread on toast, mix in yogurt, drizzle on desserts, add to your coffee, make chocolate milk / smoothie, or use your imagination. You can substitute regular chocolate with this honey to reduce sugar intake. 

The cacao powder is made from fermented, lightly-roasted fine flavour Ecuadorian Arriba criollo non-hybrid cacao. The beans are hand-selected, fermented and dried to perfection. 

The cacao nibs originate from hand-picked Ecuadorian Arriba criollo cacao pods. The beans are hand selected, fermented in specialized huts for approx. 3-4 days, sun-dried to perfection, crushed and winnowed (the skins removed). The cacao does not go through a “Dutch” process nor is alkalized in any way. 

It’s SouthAsian Reviews: Again, a thick creamy spread of strongly flavoured cacao honey is something we enjoyed in smoothies. This is a great choice for breakfasts as its organic and healthy. Instead of using nut butters, we used the Organic Cacao Infused Honey and that combination was great as the honey sweetened the smoothie and the cacao added that extra flavour. This can also be used as a topping for desserts or as spreads.