Veda Wellness Teas

Veda Wellness Teas are tea blends inspired by ancient healing traditions of Ayurveda. Ayurveda (i.e. Ayu means – longevity, Veda means – Knowledge) is a sister-science of Yoga that provides easy and gentle ways to naturally heal your body and maintain it’s balance.

Veda Wellness is a small Canadian business and their main mission is to  encourage people to live healthy lifestyles. They believe in the power of plants and herbs and how it can help to restore balance to manage stressors of modern-day lives.

Their teas are inspired by healing science of Ayurveda with healing benefits and the blends are formulated with keeping the science of Ayurveda in mind to give a perfectly balanced taste and all the benefits in a cup.
This winter, It’s Southasian has picked four unique teas to keep warm and heal our bodies!


Feel serenity with Chamomile, aromatic Lavender and fennel to add comfort and relaxation into your day. Chamomile is known for its healing benefits of reducing inflammation, as well as helping in sleep and relaxation amongst the many other benefits. All natural ingredients, certified organic, Caffeine free!


TULSI REFRESH (Tulsi & Peppermint) Loose Leaf

Refresh and Energize with this blend of sacred and pure herbs. Tulsi is the mother of herbs with energizing and rejuvenating properties. Tulsi, an Ayurvedic herb widely used in therapeutic herbal tea and is native to India. Benefits of Tulsi are  anti-inflammatory, anxiety treatment, and antioxidant. So sipping a cup of Tulsi tea is not only soothing but also has benefits.

Turmeric Gold Loose Leaf

A warming blend of spices with organic Turmeric! Turmeric is the ultimate golden spice, used for centuries for culinary purposes and medicinal benefits. It is loaded with antioxidants, antiseptic, & anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for your Golden lattes! Steep a table spoon of the Turmeric Gold tea in a hot cup of water. Strain and enjoy with a dash of milk  or without milk and honey for extra goodness!

Mint Fresh

Refreshing mint, a punch of ginger and softness of fennel is all you need to bring balance into your day. Mint is known for helping aid in digestion and also relieves headaches & migraines. A soothing cup after a meal or to freshen up anytime of the day. All natural, Certified Organic, Naturally Caffeine free!


Here are some tips to best enjoy and delight your taste buds with Veda Wellness’s unique and invigorating tea blends.

Brewing Instructions for loose leaf herbal tea (One Hot Cup):

For a single cup of tea – Brew one teaspoon of loose leaf tea blend in 1-2 cup of hot water for 5-10 mins. For a Stronger tea, steep for 10-20 mins. Enjoy Bliss in every sip!

Brewing Instructions for loose leaf herbal tea (Ice Tea Pitcher 20 cups): Use one pouch (30g) of our loose leaf tea blend and brew in hot water for 5 mins. Pour the steeped tea in a Ice Pitcher, Add ice cubes and sip away the entire day. Perfect for the Hot Summer days to keep you hydrated, while enjoying the health benefits of refreshing and energizing herbs.

Veda Wellness Organic Teas  are wonderful for balancing and rejuvenating our bodies. So amidst this pandemic, we urge all to take those 15 minutes of “me time,” and enjoy a cup of organic, fresh, natural & rejuvenating cup of Veda Wellness Teas!