Certified holistic nutritionist Kathrin Brunner has

One on one with Certified holistic nutritionist Kathrin Brunner!

What are the main steps for someone who has no knowledge about holistic health,…

Detoxing for a healthy glowing skin

There are many benefits of taking part in daily detoxing for a healthy glowing skin….

Milk Thistle – The Liver Cure!

The liver purifies and cleans the blood and defends our bodies against dietary and environmental…


Antioxidant Masks for Combination Skins

Cafe Au Lait Antioxidant Face Mask 2 TSP rice flour + 1 tsp instant coffee + 10 drops…

Combination Skin Face Masks

Pore Refining Face Mask  2 TSP besan/gram flour +  10 drops…

Dry Skin Home Remedies 

As the winter vanishes away, our skin seems to be getting more sun. Dry skin is the result of winter and genes. So,…



10 Best Travel Movies To Satisfy Quarantine Time

Written by Ankana Das It is when we have been captivated inside the four walls of our homes, we have begun…

Three Bollywood Movies that might Help Combat Corona Quarantine

Written by Silpi Patnaik Would it be wrong to attribute the present conditions close to a much-speculated Third World War, where the…


Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Ga Season 4

The ever-popular Ramadan comedy-drama Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Ga (KDMVHG) is back with its season 4 on Geo Entertainment with its iconic characters, Chaudhry Nazakat…


The Drag-Queen in Humza Ali Mian!

By Arubiyyah Qadir Balouch Could you tell us the difference…

Mrs. Pakistan World 2020, Ravish Zahid - Thomas

Ravish Zahid- Thomas, Mrs. Pakistan World 2020

The new Mrs. Pakistan…