Toronto Light Fest

The Toronto Light Fest is back and brighter than ever!

The fourth annual Toronto Light Festival is now open at The Distillery District

Speaking to the Founder of DivaCup – Carinne Chambers – Saini

By Arubiyyah Qadir Balouch DivaCup is a great idea and concept, but there is a lot to do internationally about it! How did…

Canadian International AutoShow 2020



Don’t Just Make A New Year’s Fitness Resolution, Make A Plan!

Resolutions are just wishes without a plan.  Take the time write down your plan.  What…

Calorie Reducing Drink Swaps

Wine, beer, cocktails, and spirits are flowing…

Managing Calorie Intake at Holiday Parties

The holidays are all about parties. With parties of course, comes food – and lots of it. It doesn’t take long for those calories…


Eartharmour – Planet-Powered Armour!

BePlain – Gender Neutral & Clean Skincare

Be Plain is a truly clean beauty line, which is 100% free of…

MONDAY Haircare Is Changing The Game

Introducing Salon Quality Haircare At Affordable Prices  As far as days of the week go, Monday’s got some image issues.