Pakistani Drama, “Merey Pass Tum Ho,” Breaks Records

The most popular and high rated drama is the audience’s for the last few months. In their point of view, the best dialogues of merey paas tum ho steals the show. The audiences have been glued every week to watch the drama, as well as YouTubers have now given it more than millions of hit. According to ARY Digital, previous Saturday’s episode has gotten the “highest ever rating of any TV program” aired in Pakistan. Now that’s quite an achievement! At 18.8 TRPs, Meray Paas Tum Ho remains way ahead of competition, which by the way includes another hugely popular drama serial Alif.

The story is about a wife Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) who wants to leave her husband Danish (Humayun Saeed) for a wealthy man. They also have a son Roomi together. She finally manages to ask her husband for a divorce and moves in with her new rich lover CEO Shahwar Ahmed (Adnan Siddiqui), who showers her with gifts, travel to Europe and much more. As they decide to get married, the first wife of her of CEO Shahwar Ahmed (Maham) shows up and frames him for fraud and he ends up in jail whereas Mehwish is told to leave.

Danish on the other hand is the recipient of universal acceptance and sympathy from the audiences. More men than women are watching Meray Pass Tum Ho, because the show flips the usual Pakistani drama plot line by making the man the victim of infidelity. Later on in the drama a new character is introduced, Hania (teacher of Roomi) who has some connection with Danish.

What will enfold after this is unknown! Will Mehwish (Ayeza) and Danish (Humayun) get back together, which shouldn’t even be a possibility, or will Danish marry Hania (Hira Mani)? Whatever the outcome, this is one serial whose end is something fans to know.In a recent social media post, the writer Khalil- Ur- Rehman stated that the upcoming second last episode of MPTH will be longer than its usual runtime. “The second last episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho will be longer than 60 minutes,” he posted on his Facebook handle, adding, “And it is not for the faint hearted.” The second last episode is expected to air later this week on Saturday, January 11.

These days script-writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has fallen prey to immense backlash after it was revealed that he has tied the knot for the second time. However, Qamar’s first wife confirmed that he has married for the second time.

The fate of the drama may not be dependent on the writer’s second marriage to actress Eshal Fayaz who plays a leading role in movie Kaaf Kangana writter by Qamar. Though it will be interesting to see what the TPR ratings will be in the coming weeks.